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We create forever magical moments for you

Are you an event planner in a knot, wondering how to capture those magical fairytale moments for your client’s special day? Or are you planning your own event and need a high-end, top-notch, best-in-the-field photographer in NYC and Miami?

Whatever the occasion, it can be a worrying and overwhelming task—you can’t repeat those perfect moments. But it does not have to be so stressful. Here at ViP Visions, we understand our client’s longing and heartfelt need to make a memory unforgettable. It is not just business to us; it is a life-long passion. We make it our mission to create enchanting, classic, and unforgettable images and videos of high-end events.

Our awe-inspiring cinematography skills have been honed over thousands of photoshoots, in every imaginable setting.  We’ve worked with countless clients, both corporate and private, and received raving reviews. 

We are New York and Miami’s leading photographers and videographers, and our reputation precedes us. The secret to our success is quite simple: we’ve been known to bend over backwards, sometimes quite literally, to capture a forever moment. We love our work and take it work seriously–we’ll move mountains to deliver nothing but the best for our clients. 


There is nothing as close to a magical fairytale as a wedding day. It has joy, laughter, endless celebration, and capturing the exuberance from every angle with stunning images is what we do best.  Getting a high-end videography service from ViP Visions is a wise investment you’ll treasure forever. You’ll get high resolution, images, and videos that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s your wedding or you’re an event planner, you can leave the worry of videography to ViP Visions. We promise you world-class service.


Are you one of those partners who like to go all out for super-special occasions? We will capture your enchanting proposal and engagement to your loved one with high-quality photos and video We’ve got your back—we know how nerve-wracking the moment can be and help you capture your proposal exactly how you envision. Is your wedding coming up in a few months? Then having an engagement photoshoot session of you and your future spouse is essential to announce to the world you’re betrothed.


Are you planning a birthday party for the little one, a bar mitzvah or sweet sixteen, or a golden jubilee 50th? Whatever kind of birthday, what matters is that you are celebrating a loved one’s special day. They will be truly grateful for your thoughtfulness in planning a wonderful event, and they will even be more so for capturing the memories in high-end videography as a keepsake that will last years to come. Don’t hesitate, call Photographer NYC, and we’ll help make the day as easy as it is special.

How does our service work?

We offer an agile, fun-filled, and structured process to make sure our customer’s expectations are met to their satisfaction

Initial Consultation

The five-star service from our friendly, client-first specialists is what first captures the customer’s attention. We work with great flexibility to capture exactly what our clients envision as their end product.  We simply hear your dream out and ask you to run wild with your imagination without holding back. We take down that information in its entirety, so we do not miss a thing.

Concept Development and Planning

In this step, we block the time designated for the day and prepare for the event. We confirm the time, place, and service package in the working agreement. We run through everything one more time—to make triple sure we do not miss any detail.


We take pride in delivering images that are as precious to you as pure gold. We use world-class editing equipment in post-production to make sure the work is impeccable, and we welcome clients’ feedback on anything special they want to be done or added. We love to please and put our best foot forward to have a timely turnaround of the finished images and film.

Delivering Product

Delivery of the finished product can be done in any format of your choice. We promptly alert the client when it’s ready and send it as requested. The work is also sent to the inbox of the email address provided for the client’s review.

Why work with VipVisions?

Here are some reasons why you would love to pick us

  • We are a one-stop, high-end photography and videography company, with a wide range of offers for any special event imaginable 
  • We’ve got years of experience under our belt and have mastered the tricks to create visual magic for any event 
  • We value professionalism and work with minimal supervision. You can enjoy your big day without worrying about how the videography will turn out. Let go of that nagging worry and enjoy yourself without breaking a sweat
  • We are skilled in blending into the background and work almost unnoticed. Never worry, our presence will not take away anything from the joyous ceremony or feel like an intrusion. While on the scene, feel free to make any suggestions or request an add-on service. We come equipped to handle any on-the-spot requests 
  • From aerial photography equipment to 4K cameras, we’ve got the muscle for the work! The editing equipment is worth years of investing and our crew hone their skills with sincere dedication. Simply put, we are a powerhouse, and we don’t mind saying so!

Aside from that, we understand the fear of missing a precious moment forever. And that’s why we do what we do with great mindfulness and care for our client’s desires, dreams, and interests. This combination makes our team unique, and impossible to find anywhere in the industry.