“Afterglow” two guys skiing in custom made LED suits, the film was shot in Alaska at night and is an amazing example of creative cinematography.

Epic drifting and tricks by Ken Block on the streets of San Francisco.
Filmed over four days, this shot film is very well with amazing camera work,
make sure to watch the video in 1080p HD!

Orjan Nilsen, Endymion, Video Clip in HD. Made in 2012 this is one of the finest examples of music video editing.

This video mixes fire and ice, creating the illusion of skiers slashing through a newly burnt forest. The film pushes the envelope throughout the filming of the ski and snow scenes. Aerial footage were filmed using a remote controlled helicopter. It utilized CNC-cut parts and custom motors, blades, and speed controllers. It was built to lift DSLRs up to the 5D. Flight times ranged from 5 to 10 minutes. Other than the heli footage, the whole thing was filmed on Canon DSLR, mainly the Canon 7D.

Shooting with a High Speed Digital camera is always mesmerizing
because it captures things we are not suppose to see and that is a violation
of the laws of nature. Here we have a simple object captured in HD High-FPS shot.

First ever full HD wingsuit flying above skiers Extract from Nuit de la Glisse 2013 feature film: IMAGINE, Life spent on the Edge.